Privacy Policy

WIN MY SPANISH VILLA LTD and the property owners are the data owner and controllers of all customer data. All information concerning the use of personal data is summarised in the privacy policy in accordance with the protection of personal information legislation. Customers must therefore accept such a policy before proceeding with any purchases, with particular regard to the following areas:

Purposes of data processing. Commercial, promotional and/or sales purposes to identify potential customers for each specific product or service (eg, statistics, customer satisfaction feedback, preliminary gathering of information aimed at reaching an agreement or provision of a service.);


The personal data collected by: WIN MY VILLA LTD, the property owners and will be communicated and/or processed by trusted and appointed persons, who, in pursuit of the above objectives, carry out operational, technical and organisational tasks.

The personal data provided by customers are used only to perform the job or related services; the data is not disclosed to third parties unless such disclosure is required by law or is directly necessary for the fulfilment of competition objective / requirements.

Credit/debit card information submitted online is processed entirely by our payment gateway provider.

Customer satisfaction research (eg: research on the quality of services);

Fulfilment of obligations under the law, regulations or legislation.


Rights of customers in UK law are respected by this promotion and WIN MY VILLA LTD, the property owners and ``.The customer may obtain: confirmation or otherwise of the existence of data concerning them, information about the origin of personal data, the purpose and methods of processing it, and the basis of processing in cases where this is done using electronic instruments.

Identification of the data owner and the person responsible, and the persons or categories of persons to whom the personal data may be communicated or who have access to them;

The cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, as well as updating, rectification or, where interested, integration of data, unless it is impossible or involves the use of disproportionate means. The customer may also object, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of personal data about them, even if it relates to the purpose of the data collection. However, the collection of data will only be made to carry out those processes that are necessary, proportionate and legitimate in fulfilment of the competition and the transparent communication of a bonafide winner.

The customer can also object to the processing of personal data for sending advertising material or otherwise. Data will not be retained for market research or business communications outside of this competition.

Any concerns regarding privacy matters should be directed to;

Responses will be acknowledged within 14 days.